Architecting the future, Codment stays ahead of the digital curve. Our software development company formulates ideas into scalable and human-friendly digital solutions that are focused on continual improvement and revenue generation.

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Custom Website Design & Development Services.

We are a custom web design company that is reactive, flexible to your terms and conditions, modern and highly user-oriented. We work with proficient web developers who are actual game-changers for your product. You can get various web design agencies, but we commit to offering you the finest services to its most.

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Custom Web Applications

Custom application development by Codment lets you stand out in the market. As a result, our customers have transformed people's thinking processes through our innovative custom web development services. People trust us to drive their concept utilizing our web application development.

Full-Stack Web Development

We are a team crammed with full-stack web developers. We cover your web designing, branding, or digital marketing needs all so well. We understand your business strategies first, then our full-stack web development team do their wonders and make sure that you achieve stable growth for your business.

Back-End Web Development

We are the leading web development company working on responsive website designs to satisfy our customers' business challenges. Developing intelligent and reflexive web apps with robust back-end systems, your users stay impressed by our custom web development and high-performance applications.

End to End Website Development Services.

We provide web development services where our team develop your website from scratch. Planning, website designing, the UI and other graphics involving content management, testing and maintaining your projects, we provide end-to-end website development services. Our experienced team works day and night to develop responsive designs for your clients.

We are one of the best website development services providers in the US, where our clients experience new websites that are custom developed for them. We can become your reliable partner for your web development services and other projects. We are confident about our web development services because we follow proper procedures.

Numerous web development agencies in online stores and other platforms fail to give custom solutions or responsive designs. We are cost-effective and efficient enough to create custom websites for you where your users' experience will immensely increase. We also provide web development consultation to guide you with the new websites. In addition, our experienced developers assist you with maintaining the existing website.


 Web Application Development Services

A partnership with Codment is built around clients. Starting from design and development, our support stays till rigorous testing practices and maintenance with you.

 eCommerce Web Development Services

Functional e-stores and efficient B2B e-commerce portals can make online interactions a breeze which automatically sets brands apart. This is exactly what we ensure.

Custom Web Application Services

Our custom web applications are highly scalable and tailored just for you—so when you grow, our custom web application easily adjusts to your growing business needs.

Why Choose us for Web Design & Development Services?

Web design and development is a term that defines the entire creation of a website. Codment has a web developers’ team that lets users experience a new world of custom websites. We cover two crucial skill sets web design and web development. If we talk about web development vs web designing, our web developers cover both aspects efficiently. First, it covers the look and then the function of a website.

We are a future generation high-performance website designing company that has made its name among the most popular companies by its dedication and hard work. Our website developers adopt the power of technology to generate inspirational outcomes for individuals, companies, and society.

Codment is a web development firm that provides website design services where we focus on web portals. A web portal is a custom-built website design that uniformly delivers companies information from various sources like emails, online presence, and search engines. Different web development agencies are striving to capture the market, but their lack of online presence and content management systems do not allow them to do so. We provide custom web development services with the knowledge of user experience and online presence that makes us different from others.

Choosing Codment will let you customize your web development with the best user experience ever. Moreover, we provide web design services at affordable prices. Many web design companies in the market promise to deliver their best, but custom website development is a hard nut to crack. However, experienced companies like Codment that believe in working with complete dedication know how to provide the best custom web development services. So, instead of wasting your precious time and money by working with inexperienced website designing companies, work with Codment. Allow us to enrich you with the best product ever.


Gathering Information

We initiate by identifying the problem. Once we have got our hands on it, our rigorous search to identify your users and their needs begin.


Informed by the site architecture, the developers start coding and implementing frameworks and CMS to prepare webpages in the pre-decided hierarchy.


At this stage, the developers provide a skeleton to you so you can judge how the entire website will look and feel like.


Bugs give us purpose. We thoroughly test each page; cross-check links and observes whether the website loads on all devices properly.


Now, that the architecture’s done. This step is where the website slowly starts coming to shape.


There’s more to web development than going live with the project. It’s a continuous process and our team is laser-focused on getting things right for your unique requirements.

Technologies & Methodologies We Use.

Our full-stack developers are proficient in WordPress, React.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, Node.js, Python, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. Codment’s web developers are fully-equipped to flawlessly conceptualize your vision with prototyping and efficient software solutions that are either built from scratch or on an open-sourced CMS platform tailored to your needs.
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Our Workflow.

When you choose to work with Codment, you are signing up for seamless collaboration and a revolutionary journey to make your brand matter. Staying laser-focused from step one, we prioritize your needs and believe in testing early and often for a flawless product.


Information Collection

This pre-development step begins with gathering information and ends with a thought-through strategy with concrete timelines and budget of the project.


Sitemap & Wireframe Creation

The developers create a wireframe or mockup of your website defining content and features on each of the web page.


Approval Cycle & Coding

By adding all the visual content, the website receives attention from graphic designers. We keep you in the loop and once approved, the developers begin coding.


Launch & Maintenance

Once we are satisfied by our thorough testing practices, we launch the website and work actively to fix bugs and improve its functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here we have answered some of the questions we’re frequently asked. If you still need clarification or expert guidance; we are just a message away.
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01 How long will it take to build my new website?

Most websites take a minimum of 14 weeks if you’re working with a professional agency. Here’s a typical breakdown: 2 weeks for problem identification and product discovery, 6 weeks for web design, 5 weeks for development, and 1 week of modification. But if you are in a rush, just let us know beforehand!

02 Do I have to host my website with you?

It’s completely up to you. If you wish to host your website with us, you can—if not, then it’s completely fine by us too. As long as your website’s up, running and converting; we are happy!

03 How much does a website cost?

There’s obviously not a single answer to this question. Your website won’t be the same as others, it definitely has its specific needs. You can request an estimate by letting us know your unique website requirements and we’ll get back to you with an impressive solution that doesn’t break your budget or standards.

04 Do you offer to consult?

We are more concerned about delivering a product that targets your business objectives. At Codment, the tech experts believe consulting impacts the end product to great extents. This is why we begin with a free consultation session to clearly understand you and your business objectives.

05 Do we have to physically meet for my project?

To develop a tailored website, you don’t have to meet us. We can virtually connect over emails or the phone to understand your needs. Codment has the experience of catering to clients from diverse industries so you can sit back and watch us bring your vision to life.

06 Do you redesign existing sites?

Yes, we do. Our tech experts have the industry experience and hands-on expertise to take upon a project from scratch or offer website refinement services. You can count on Codment to modify and offer you a polished website.