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Outsource App Development In 2023: How To Make It Work

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According to reliable sources, in 2023, 8.01 billion mobile users are expected, comprising 86.29% of the total population, The rising mobile user count fuels business app development.

When you decide to develop a mobile application for your business. You have to face a tough challenge. Is it better to hire your own In-House App Team or partner with an Outsourced Mobile App Development Company?

In-house Department or Outsourcing App Development

When a company starts making mobile apps, two options for mobile app development are there to assist: in-house or outsourcing.

Different resource scales, same outcome. So, you’re thinking about making your own mobile app in-house? it’s like starting a mini version of your business! You need a workspace, equipment, IT specialists, managers, and streamlined processes. But remember, it costs a lot of money and time,

Mobile app development outsourcing to shift tasks to a third-party vendor. They handle operations, qualifications, and deadlines, while you focus on your business. Outsource app development to save costs and time.

If you want to know more about successful mobile app outsourcing, our guide explains how to outsource app development and follow best practices.

Why Should You Outsource Application Development?

Nearly all IT firms have outsourced software development at least once. You may reduce project costs, accelerate time to market, and raise the quality of your end product by outsourcing mobile app development.

Do you also want to stand out and reap the benefits of mobile apps for your business? We’re assuming yes. Although it’s the best solution, outsourcing application development has its own set of challenges and benefits. Now, let’s get back to the important question – how to outsource mobile app development?

Steps to Consider Before Hiring an Outsourcing App Development Team

Not sure how and where to begin? Here is a step-by-step guide to hiring an outsourced app development team.

Step 1: Know your requirements.

Firstly, you need to have a clear vision and app idea. Start with knowing your needs and wants. Research your part to have a basic understanding of the mobile app you want to build. Research your competitors and similar apps, for instance, what features their app lack, where they stand out, etc.

Once you do that, think about the mobile app or project you want as the outcome. In short, make a basic outline for your mobile app.

Step 2: Start Looking for The App Development Team

Once you’re clear about your project, find a team to develop your app. But where should you look?

Fortunately, many recruiting platforms feature lists of outsourcing companies, agencies, or contractors.

Clutch: When you’re after a team to outsource, Clutch is your go-to. It’s a top-rated directory for businesses, and it sorts outsourcing companies based on where they are, how they’re rated, and what they’re good at. And to make your finding easier, Clutch has ways to filter the choices, different categories, ways of sorting, and even what people have said about these outsourcing companies.

Freelance platforms: When you’re not in need of a full team and a couple of specialists are all that’s holding you back from initiating development, platforms like Upwork come to the rescue. On Upwork, you’ll discover individual contractors available at both fixed prices and hourly rates.

Freelance collaboration has risks. Reliability and experience verification are challenging. Freelancers work for routine tasks and short projects.

Blogs: Many outsourcing companies have blogs where they share their experience, expertise, and advice related to development. When you go through a company’s blog, you can learn about their strengths, backgrounds, and the ways they can help you.

At Codment, our blog is like a knowledge hub. Our experts generously share their profound insights on topics such as startup building, product development, and UX/UI design. Check out our articles and see if you find anything useful.

Step 3: Check out the portfolio and reviews.

Before you outsource app developers, it’s a good idea to check out the company’s portfolio and reviews. This will give you an idea of apps they’ve built in the past and the type of work they’ve done already. Also, read the reviews by previous clients to know about their experience working with that particular company.

Step 4: Choose the service model.

Among the many service models available, choose from project-based, dedicated teams, and out-staff working models. Each comes with its pros and cons. To make an informed decision, learn about their differences, challenges, and benefits.

Step 5: Devise an estimated budget and payment model.

Another essential step of app development outsourcing is to assess a budget. With enough research, you’ll know how much money you must allocate to your app. So, based on the service model selected and your needs, you also need to choose a payment model.

Many people think hiring an outsourcing app development is costly. Yet, that isn’t the case. Project costs vary from company to company. When you consider the big picture, outsourcing companies are quite cost-effective.

Step 6: Approach the final developers.

Lastly, finalize outsourcing app developers who will work on your application. Approach them and communicate all of your needs via a one-to-one discussion. Besides, once the outsourcing developers are finalized, reach out to them, and they will guide you further.

Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Mobile App Development

While there are plenty of things to consider outsourcing for mobile development, there are also certain risks. However, some tips can help you avoid them and get the desired results. We have compiled the risks in the checklist below.

1. Time zone differences

Failing to consider time zone differences is a common mistake people usually make. You must know the difference in time to get started with your project. Typically, having 4-6 overlapping hours with your outsourcing partner is beneficial for development. Besides, you need to learn to use this time smartly and push urgent tasks on priority.

2. Slower communication

Time differences also lead to slower or miscommunication. If the time gap is more than 10 hours, your communication may be affected, slowing down a bit. It can also freeze the development process if the developer has something that needs the client’s approval. Thus, you need to work on strengthening communication for effective results.

3. Not receiving technical assistance

You must have technical support long after the project is completed when you outsource mobile app development. This is especially crucial if you are not familiar with the technology and require assistance understanding the application. You must ensure that the company you pick has comprehensive technical support.

4. Not signing an NDA

Working with outsourced app developers also entails entrusting them with your sensitive information and data. That’s why you need to get them to sign a non-disclosure agreement which makes them legally bound not to share any information with a third party without your consent.

5. Avoid paying large quantities of money in advance

Payment in advance is frequent since it protects developers against dishonest clients. You can, however, safeguard your organization from unethical professionals by splitting the amount into installments for at least the first few months of your collaboration.

How to Choose the Best Outsourcing Mobile App Development Company?

Now that you know all the ins and outs of hiring an app outsourcing firm, you might wonder how to end your quest to find the ideal one. For the best results, you must avail yourself of professional app development services. So, here are a few signs of a good and reliable app development outsourcing company.

  • The company is responsive and willing to understand your requirements.
  • They proactively ask questions about your app project to deliver the best.
  • They give ideas to make your project even better.
  • The app developers have perfect command over the development language.
  • Their cost isn’t low but somewhat justified by their quality of services.
  • Overall, they are flexible yet professional.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource App Development?

How much does outsourcing a mobile app development cost? This is one of the most sought-after questions. In simple words, the cost to outsource an app can vary anywhere between $2000-$300000. This is a vast range because the cost is dependent on several factors.

A few common factors that affect the overall cost include the app type, the features, app development frameworks, the time to build an app, the platform (iOS, Android apps, Hybrid), and the charges of the outsourcing app development company (that further depends on the country and skills).

Average App Development Cost

The Bottom Line

There is an app for almost everything, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that apps rule the world today. Mobile app outsourcing is quickly becoming the trend due to the growing demand for apps and the shortage of tech talent in different parts of the world.

Thus, above, we’ve shared a complete guide for selecting the best company. Also, what to avoid during the development process for fewer risks. Once you’ve met all the milestones and the app developers have proven their ability to produce quality consistently, you’ll have a far higher chance of developing a win-win relationship with your selected software development company.