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10 Flawless Apps Built with Flutter Framework – Top Examples 2024

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Every developer dream to be able to develop for multiple platforms with minimal code modification. And Flutter does just that. Google introduced it in 2017 and ever since then companies all over the world have picked the Flutter framework to power their applications across platforms such as iOS, Android, web, etc.

Flutter is rising in popularity and so are the number of apps built with it. In this blog, we’ll explore a handful of the most popular apps made with Flutter and how its robust functionalities have contributed to their success. Before we begin, here’s a quick introduction to know what Flutter is.

Introduction to Flutter

Google’s open-source Flutter framework is used to create cross-platform apps. With Flutter, Google intended to achieve a consistent 120 frames per second on devices, ensuring that everything is fluid and not only quick with a little performance penalty. This free mobile UI framework enables developers to write just one line of code once and generate apps for several platforms. That’s one reason why developers are excited to build apps of the future using Flutter.

Dart, a programming language that emphasizes front-end development, powers Flutter. With the least amount of code change, this object-oriented programming language enables developers to create programs for a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, and Google’s Fuschia.

Popular Apps Made with Flutter Framework

Let’s begin exploring the top 10 Flutter app examples.

1.My BMW App

My BMW App

BMW owners can use their mobile devices to lock, unlock, locate, monitor, and maneuver their vehicles with the My BMW app. The app provides an easy-to-use single-point solution for managing car ownership. In 2018, BMW engineers spotted large inconsistencies between iOS and Android versions.

So, the team looked at several cross-platform frameworks to address this problem, and in October 2019 Flutter was chosen. The goal of this new mobile application built using the Flutter framework was to serve as a universal interface that would ensure a seamless transition between a smartphone, a vehicle, and the digital world.

2.Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads is another one of the top Flutter app examples developed by Google and available on Android as well as iOS. It’s an essential tool for digital marketers to manage their ad campaigns on the go. The software was introduced in October 2000 and is favored among online marketers.

Businesses using Google Ads get access to analytics about their marketing campaigns, real-time budget updates, and Google specialists. Moreover, the Google Ads app also offers a great, intuitive design for a wonderful user experience.

3.Xianyu by Alibaba

Xianyu by Alibaba

Xianyu by Alibaba is a Chinese eCommerce giant that used the Flutter framework to assemble its application. It’s a well-known platform for buying and selling second-hand items. Since this web application is built using Flutter, it enables Alibaba to deliver reliable and consistent performance across all platforms.

Developers at Alibaba leveraged the power of Flutter and thus offered a seamless user experience with immersive graphics and faster loading times. As a result, the Xianyu app has over 200 million registered app users and 10 million active users.

4.eBay Motors

eBay Motors

One of the most well-known apps built with Flutter is eBay Motors, the auto site for the online retailer eBay. The team decided to create an app experience just for vehicle enthusiasts in 2018. This app enables you to interact with car buyers and sellers, buy and sell vehicles and accessories, and find new listings.

To create the new eBay Motors app, they chose Flutter as a promising cross-platform SDK. Thanks to Flutter, eBay Motors has been able to simultaneously add sophisticated features like live chat, community forums, and escrow, to both its iOS and Android apps.



The team at Tencent identified Flutter as the right mobile app development framework for front-end development and quickly adapted it. Flutter apps not only offer a smooth user experience but also improve development efficiency. Apart from that, the Flutter expertise enables developers to code quickly, seamlessly, and easily achieve anticipated results.

The Tencent app has also developed several other apps using the same framework such as AITeacher, DingDang, K12, and Mr. Interpreter.



Realtor.com is a popular real estate company based in Santa Clara, California. Their organizational structure had two separate Android and iOS development teams and codebases until mid-2019, which later turned into a burden. Thus, soon after recognizing the perks of a single codebase, they quickly adhere to Flutter’s add-to-app features.

As a result, they no longer had to learn two new languages and frameworks. And instead advanced their productivity in creating apps of the future. Also, feature releases and code changes became a breeze.

7.SpaceX Go

SpaceX Go

SpaceX Go is an unofficial fan-made app that allows users to follow Tesla’s space operations. The app offers all the details regarding SpaceX’s previous, ongoing, and planned events, including information regarding launches, vehicles, ships, and Tesla.

The SpaceX Go uses the Flutter apps framework and is available on both iOS and Android devices. The software has a very straightforward interface that is neat, uncluttered, and fun to use.



Among other popular Flutter app examples is KlasterMe. It is known as the first social media platform built using Flutter. In essence, it is an emerging platform for sharing content where users may build their page and post stuff such as images, blogs, articles, polls, contests, and much more.

Moreover, it also enables users to share their creations with the world. This platform emphasizes content shared or posted by its users, simplifying the posting process and featuring an easy and attractive design.

9.New York Times

New York Times

The New York Times developed a cross-platform app using Flutter. NYT, which is read by millions of people every day, was looking for fresh approaches to engage its audience and enhance user experience. So using the cross-platform capabilities of the Flutter framework, they launched a platform-independent app, the KenKen puzzle for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and the web, simultaneously.

Flutter helped the NYT team save time in creating and running multiple betas, facilitated real-time iteration, and come up with a version of the KenKen app across multiple platforms.

10.Google Pay

Google Pay

The world’s most popular digital payments app, Google Pay is also among those apps built with Flutter. It has over 100 million users across the world and lets them pay for services/goods in even the remotest corners of the globe.

The 1.7 million lines of code shared by Google Pay’s iOS and Android apps posed a substantial barrier to the service’s international growth. As a result, the team chose to invest in Flutter to accomplish more with less. So, they rebuilt the app making it compact, efficient, and easier to update.

Summing Up

Flutter is a lightweight UI toolkit with a versatile SDK that enables developers to provide more functionality to users. When it comes to Flutter vs React Native, developers prefer Flutter due to its ease of use. It provides the ideal fusion of a quick, immersive user interface with a successful development environment to overcome coding difficulties.

In summary, this blog features only a handful of apps built with Flutter. But, the number of Flutter apps is multiplying each year, so it’s high time to give Flutter a try! Overcome the hassle of coding and managing apps for multiple platforms and get top-notch flutter app development services in the USA.