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Best Healthcare Apps for Patients In 2023

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A few years back from now, the healthcare industry has gone through some unprecedented challenges. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 changed the guise of the healthcare industry upside down. The arrival of healthcare apps streamlined everything and made life easier. Due to this change, many healthcare sectors understood the significance of mobile apps and turned toward this innovation.

The future of healthcare is immediate, virtual, and patient-centred, and apps are swiftly becoming a keystone of that undertaking. The market is exploding and now the competition is tougher than ever. Undeniably, this has unbolted lots of incredible opportunities in 2023 for marketers who aim to create mobile apps in healthcare to enhance their business.

Thus, in this article, we have discussed what are healthcare apps, their benefits, and some amazing apps that are providing top-notch services, enhanced functionality, and value to the users.

What Are Healthcare Apps?

Many apps come under the “health” section but are not considered mobile apps for healthcare. It can be yoga, exercise, and diet plan apps, to meet your fitness goals. However, they don’t lie under physician-led healthcare routines.

Healthcare apps are mobile software that tracks, diagnoses, or treats disease. These apps help people get the right consultation from experts and eliminate the need of visiting doctors again and again! Many software development companies have built healthcare apps with amazing features and functionalities and help businesses enhance their reach to maximum people through this technology solution.

Benefits of Healthcare Apps

The creation of mobile healthcare technology is now essential for healthcare providers to be able to fulfill the constantly changing needs of their patients. It has become one of the crucial ways to stay competitive in the market. Patients are likely to become more loyal to providers who work with digital specialists to strategically develop and create high-quality mobile experiences, which increases income both now and in the future.

Patients now use their smartphones more frequently than ever to track their overall health, get health advice, and have video calls with doctors for prescriptions. They love the undeniable ease healthcare apps offer. Patients can benefit from lower expenses, immediate access to tailored care, and an increased sense of control over their health due to advancements in the digital healthcare industry.

We seem to have the entire world at our fingertips in the digital age, right? We have unending access to data and information nowadays. Patients with chronic disorders including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease can benefit from the information provided through mobile healthcare apps that improve their quality of life.

Doctors and patients can more effectively identify therapies thanks to access to applications that track their daily development and stats. Thus, undoubtedly the benefits of health apps are enormous.

What do patients expect from a healthcare app?

Though mobile healthcare apps are supposed to enhance the care quality for patients, however, majority of those apps fail to match the expectations.

As per the report of app usage data, most healthcare apps have been downloaded by less them 10,000 people. This is considered an extraordinarily low number as compared to all the apps available online. To provide a top-tier mobile app, it is important to determine the pain points of users and provide them with a life-changing experience to them.

A leading app development company like Codment knows what customers expect from an app. Therefore, the experts at the company ensure to create apps with incredible functionalities to cater to patients’ healthcare needs, keeping in mind the following features:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Accessibility
  • Functionality
  • Swift Communication
  • Social Features

These are the features that are vital in any app and help businesses to get the desired outcomes.

Best Healthcare Apps for Patients

Here, we have discussed, some best healthcare apps that have built their name by providing top-notch services to patients.

1. Medisafe

The Medisafe app transforms a smartphone into a “virtual pillbox”, providing notification reminders to take medications for those who need assistance remembering to take their pills.

2. Doctor On Demand

Through their highly regarded iOS and Android apps, Doctor on Demand is a telemedicine service provider that offers care for various physical and mental health conditions on-demand and by appointment.

3. Best Mental Health App: Talkspace

Accessible for Android and iOS devices, Talkspace is one of the best healthcare apps. It is a counselling platform providing users access to qualified psychiatrists and therapists from any place.

4. Heal – Best for Doctor House Calls

Heal app, available for iOS and Android, users in US cities can schedule a house call with a doctor for various services.

5. Eyecare Live

Eyecare Live is an online doctor app that helps with eye health-related treatments, connecting people to a virtual eye doctor within an hour. This app allows patients to renew prescriptions online. Eyecare is a free medical app, available for Android and iOS. However, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for virtual doctor’s visits and eye tests.

6. Teladoc – 24/7 Access to A Doctor

For a set charge of $75 per appointment, or less with health insurance, Teladoc connects patients with virtual care assistants for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

7. Generis: DNA & Nutrition

Generis is an app developed to help people improve their lives by understanding their genes. The application offers guidance based on DNA, recommendations for exercise, food, nutrition, supplements, and more. With the aid of safe, precise, and useful instructions, this healthcare software seeks to aid users in understanding their DNA.

8. MyChart – Best Patient Portal App

With the help of the patient portal app MyChart, customers may access electronic health information, online appointment booking, bill payment, and patient-doctor conversations from any location.

9. MySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

The purpose of this healthcare app’s motto is to “make diabetes suck less!” MySugr enables patients to keep a record of their carbs, blood sugar, bolus and estimated HbA1c all at a glance. MySugr users claim that it has changed their lives. To better treat patients, doctors are also permitted to examine the data.

10. Leafly

With the increased use of medicinal marijuana prescriptions to treat various health concerns, Leafly has emerged as the go-to source for information on cannabis. With just one click, this healthcare app links patients with medical professionals, facilities, and dispensaries.

11. CoCaptain

With the help of CoCaptain, patients may book hassle-free appointments with the medical sector experts they require from the convenience of their living room. The experts have used advanced app development frameworks that make it incredible.

12. PingDoctors

At your fingertips is a high-quality healthcare app which is PingDoctors. Patients can schedule online consultations and appointments, get hospital recommendations, and manage their health with world-class specialists using this one of the best healthcare apps.

The Future of Healthcare Apps

Healthcare professionals are working hard to modernize their offerings and give patients the comfort and care they deserve. The creation of cutting-edge mobile apps in healthcare will keep expanding and getting better.

Moreover, users must be aware that these apps still do not entirely replace yearly physicals, and patients still physically present themselves to professionals when necessary.

However, as we have seen with the Coronavirus and other global outbreaks of a similar nature, unforeseen current occurrences can quickly demonstrate the necessity of technologies. The use of virtual medical visits increased by 50% or more during the US stay-at-home orders in 2020.

Nevertheless, these apps continue to improve many people’s lives and have already done so.

Final Thoughts

Numerous apps help people globally, learn more about their illness by providing widely acknowledged medical facts and data and encouraging them to communicate with suitable healthcare providers. Medical applications for patients improve documentation, if nothing else, so that they can better prepare for their next appointment with a doctor by knowing more about their symptoms and routines.

Such not only benefits patients but also the healthcare sector. So, if you are looking for a reliable app development company that can help build a high-quality app, then Codment is undoubtedly a great choice. Reach out to us now!